Image showing a laptop with a fake news page showing

How to Weed Out Fake News Like a Scientist

At the end of every year the major dictionaries like to publish their words of the year. In 2016 the Oxford English Dictionary went with Post Truth, an apt term if ever there was one. Well, a mere two months into 2017, and it is already looking like there are two hot contenders for their words of the year. It’s either going to be “Fake News” or the wonderfully weaselly words, “Alternative Facts”. Not that either of these two things are new phenomena. No, we have just called them what they are in the past: lies, nonsense and, well, plenty more colourful terms mainly linked to bovine excrement.

In this blog, I want to post some simple steps that will get you thinking like a scientist. Then you can spot the majority of fake news, so it no longer influences your opinion.