Scientific Literacy

About the Scientific Literacy Course

Our Scientific Literacy sets out to explain how “How Science Works”.  Starting with the basic concept of what science is before moving on developing key scientific skills. Including mathematical skills needed for science as well as how to design and carry out experiments. 

The scientific literacy course is a great foundation in the scientific method. 

The Scientific literacy course will make it much easier for you to succeed with the other sciences. 

Best of all, this course is free. 

2 hours of video lessons.

10 lessons included for free

Multiple choice questions to test your understanding.

Printable activities and revision notes to form a revision guide.

Suitable for all GCSE and IGCSE exam boards as well as other major qualifications.

Lessons delivered by experienced teachers.

Suitable for revision.

Suitable for homeschooling.

Module 1The Scientific Method 
Unit 1What Is Science?
Module 2Mathematical skills for science 
Unit 1Basic Mathematical Skills for Science
Unit 2How To Plot Graphs
Unit 3Advanced Graph Drawing
Unit 4Interpreting Graphs
Module 3Investigation skills 
Unit 1Planning an Investigation
Unit 2Collecting Data
Unit 3Experimental Errors
Unit 4Analysing Data
Unit 5Writing Evaluations
Module 4What’s Next? 
Unit 1What’s Next?