Information for Adult Learners

At Make Science Easy we understand that not everyone who needs to study for qualifications is doing so while at school. Our online courses are designed to meet the needs of people learning science at school as well as adult learners who may be learning science at home, without guidance. 
Our courses cover the core of biology, chemistry and physics. But we also have a free scientific literacy course which covers the fundamentals of “how science works”. Helping to develop key mathematical and practical skills for science that are essential for you to understand the core sciences. 
Our courses are designed to meet the requirements of the GCSE qualification. But because they are also meet the specification for the more challenging iGCSE qualification they will are suitable for any access courses you may be taking. 

Why Choose Make Science Easy

Because Make Science Easy’s lessons are online, you have access to them whenever you like. This works around your lifestyle and when you are free to study. You are not required to set aside an hour two a week at the same time to attend an adult education course, which is not always easy or practical. 
Our courses are also a complete solution, they come with quizzes to check your progress as well as worksheets and revision notes to print off. Providing you with all of the resources you require to succeed. 

Practical Activities

Science is a practical subject. Most adult education courses do not address this aspect of science. Without an understanding of the practical part of science, it is impossible to fully appreciate the theoretical side of science. Make Science Easy includes several practical activities that can be completed at home, without specialist equipment. Developing a full range of scientific skills. 

I have passed my GCSE biology equivalency test after learning from Make Science Easy. I studied biology 20 years ago and got a grade E. With Make Science Easy I managed to get a grade 4 (Equivalent of a Grade C)
Zakkiyah S
Adult Learner, Birmingham, UK