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  • A simplified diagram for GCSE science showing the tree of life. Showing how life has evolved.
  • Snowshoe hares and lynxes share are ecologically linked to each other. What affects one population will affect the other.
  • A GCSE science food web showing feeding relationships within an ecosystem. Changes to one organism will affect all the others in the food web.
  • Acid rain due to the release of acidic gases through human activity. Acid rain damages ecosystems

The course material covers all you need in order to prepare for and succeed in your IGCSE and GCSE science exams, as well as covering all other major syllabuses.
What does the course cover?

Whether you are revising what you have covered in school or learning about biology for the first time, our courses are a great fit for you.

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A good understanding of chemistry is fundamental if you want to have a good understanding of science.

Our chemistry course will be available soon. It will contain all you need to have a fantastic understanding of chemistry and pass your exams.

Download a copy of the Periodic Table of Elements

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Physics is often considered to be the toughest of the sciences. Well don't worry; we'll make it easy for you, ensuring you pass your exams with flying colours. 

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Our Scientific Literacy Course will give you all the essential building blocks to learning science, but it also gives you an advantage in day-to-day life and an ability to weed out pseudoscience from real science.
What does the course cover?

  • graph drawing, line of best fit, maths skills for science.
  • Rearranging equations, maths for GCSE science.
  • Understanding the difference between accuracy and reliability. How to write evaluations for experiments.

This course is unique and covers many fundamental scientific skills that are often overlooked and not always taught in school when studying GCSE science.

Topics include:

  • How to plan and complete scientific investigations
  • Basic mathematical skills required for science
  • How to plot and interpret graphs

We give you the key skills required to do science for yourself.

This course is a great compliment to our biology, chemistry and physics courses.

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What sets our courses apart from the rest?

Our science courses match the specifications for both GCSE and IGCSE syllabuses. However, they are also suitable for other major science syllabuses from around the world. We break complicated scientific concepts down into clear and easy to understand bitesize chunks, perfect for both learning and revision.
If your children are homeschooled our lessons provide you with all the material you need to ensure they receive a high-quality science education. Allowing learners to develop an enquiring mind while understanding the fundamentals of science.
Our courses are also great if you just want to learn science for enjoyment.

Each course is broken down into individual topics and lessons helping you to learn science.

  • In each lesson, we provide a video outlining and explaining key concepts and ideas in a clear and easy to understand manner.
  • We provide all the content you need to pass your IGCSE or GCSE science exams.
  •  Track your progress with multiple choice exams at the end of every lesson.
  • Print a range of resources and activities to supplement your learning.
  • Compliment your learning with safe and easy experiments that you can complete at home without the need for specialist equipment.
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