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Module 1Features of living things 
Unit 1Life Processes
Unit 2Classification
Unit 3Animal Classification
Module 2Cells 
Unit 1Cells
Unit 2Specialised Cells
Unit 3Cells, Tissues and Organs
Unit 4Movement In and Out of Cells
Unit 5Osmosis and Active Transport
Module 3Enzymes 
Unit 1Enzymes
Module 4Nutrition 
Unit 1Plant Nutrition
Unit 2Nutrients In Plants
Unit 3Animal Nutrition
Unit 4Tests for Nutrients
Unit 5Nutrients In Food
Module 5Transport in living things 
Unit 1Transport in Plants
Unit 2Transpiration and Leaf Structure
Unit 3Transport in Humans
Unit 4The Effects of Exercise on the Body
Unit 5Pathogens
Unit 6Transmission of Disease
Unit 7The Immune System
Module 6Respiration 
Unit 1Respiration
Unit 2Anaerobic Respiration
Unit 3The Lungs and Gas Exchange
Module 7Response to stimuli 
Unit 1The Nervous System
Unit 2The Eye
Unit 3The Reflex Arc
Unit 4Hormones
Unit 5Plant Responses
Unit 6Homeostasis
Unit 7Diabetes
Unit 8Drugs
Unit 9Smoking and Alcohol
Unit 10Antibiotics
Module 8Reproduction 
Unit 1Sex Hormones and Puberty
Unit 2The Menstrual Cycle
Unit 3Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
Unit 4Reproduction in Plants
Unit 5Methods of Seed Dispersal
Unit 6The Male Reproductive System
Unit 7The Female Reproductive System
Unit 8Fertilisation
Unit 9Pregnancy
Unit 10Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Module 9Genes and inheritance 
Unit 1Chromosomes and Genes
Unit 2Cell Division
Unit 3Monohybrid Inheritance
Unit 4Variation
Unit 5Selective Breeding
Unit 6Natural Selection and Evolution
Module 10Ecosystems 
Unit 1Ecosystems
Unit 2Predator Prey Relationships
Module 11The impact of human activity 
Unit 1The Carbon Cycle
Unit 2Human Impact on Ecosystems
Unit 3Eutrophication
Unit 4The Greenhouse Effect
Unit 5Acid Rain
Unit 6Conservation