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High quality video lessons and revision material for GCSE and iGCSE science

Make Science Easy - Pass Your Exams

High quality video lessons and revision material for GCSE and iGCSE science

Lessons Designed for the Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSE qualifications.
Matches and goes beyond the AQA, Edexcel and OCR GCSE qualifications. 


All the resources you need to prepare for your  exams giving you the confidence to obtain the results you deserve.


High-quality online lessons, prepared by teachers with the experience to support your child and ensure they get great results. 


Resources to support your students in and out of lessons. We provide a framework to help aid your students’ exam success.

Don’t struggle to learn science!

Make Science Easy will help you to pass your exams and to get the highest possible grades you can. 
Our video science lessons and printable resources provide you with all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your science exams

  • Sign up to access biology, chemistry and physics lessons that are designed for your success.
  • Access hundreds of science lessons which break down complicated scientific concepts into simple to understand chunks that enable you to learn with ease.
  • Prepare yourself for your exams in the best possible way, access lessons whenever you want and for much less than a tutor. 

What are people saying about Make Science Easy?

Thank you.

You taught me more in one twelve minute video than my class teacher could in over two months of lessons.

Miralay C
Student, Turkey
This course is just fantastic.
It both explains while giving great revision notes.
The tests are very useful for gauging understanding.

I would definitely recommend this course.

Katherine D
Parent, Hong Kong
A really great introduction to science and the scientific method.
It's simple and tremendously informative.

A truly helpful course…

Angel F

Get great science grades with Make Science Easy.

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Find Out About Our Online Science Courses

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Learn about living organisms with our fantastic biology GCSE and iGCSE course.
Discover all about cells, food webs, photosynthesis and much more. 
Everything you need to learn about biology and pass your exams is included in this course.

Discover what matter is and how different chemicals react with each other with our great chemistry GCSE and iGCSE course.

These lessons cover everything you need to enjoy and understand the basics of chemistry and pass your exams.

Find out all about forces, waves, the universe and much more with our amazing physics course. 
Discover the wonders of physics and give yourself the skills and knowledge to get great results in your physics exams. 


Develop key scientific skills, including how to complete practical activities and how to draw and interpret graphs in our Scientific Literacy course.

You will understand how science works, allowing you to fully understand biology, chemistry and physics.

The Scientific Literacy course is completely FREE.

Make Science Easy’s Science Lessons can help you, regardless of your learning needs.

We are confident that our courses will help you to learn science and develop key scientific skills. They will prepare you for your exams or just to help you learn and understand science in general.

Our courses are designed to help all learners, both to learn independently and to supplement and enrich what has been learned in the classroom. No matter how you are learning science, at school, at home school or even as an adult learner developing new skills. We have the perfect courses for you. 

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Frequently asked questions

Make Science Easy is a provider of high quality, online science lessons. 
Our courses are designed around iGCSE single science syllabuses. But also meet the needs of all of the GCSE Science syllabuses. For Single, double and triple award. 
Because our lessons are designed for the iGCSE learners are stretched further than they would be for just GCSE. 

We pride ourself in the fact that our lessons are concise and easy to understand for all learners.  Our lessons are also designed to teach an understanding of science as well as knowledge.  This empowers learners and allows them to develop their science skills. 

Our science courses are primarily designed for students aged between 14 and 16 years old who are studying for their iGCSE and GCSE exams. 
However, our courses are detailed and robust and are suitable for anyone who is studying for an entry-level examination. This includes Senior High in the USA. 

Learners who are not based in a school can use Make Science Easy’s courses as a full homeschooled curriculum. Our practical activities are a perfect addition for homeschooled learners. 

Our courses are also suitable for adult learners who may have struggled at school and who are now studying for a science examination or who merely have an interest and curiosity in science.

The courses offered at Make Science Easy will help anyone who has an interest in learning about science. 
However, our courses, like any other online courses or textbooks are not a magic bullet. You will get out what you put in. 

Learners who pay attention to the video lessons and who complete all of the learning tasks will make much better progress than those learners who do not work hard. 

The courses and lessons offered are the highest quality that you will find. 

We have absolute confidence in our courses and believe any learner, no matter their ability will make good progress if they follow our lessons. 

Our lessons follow a logical structure and each lesson builds on and revisits concepts from previous lessons. Ensuring that learners understand the content that they are learning. 

We ensure that lessons are pitched at the relevant level for students, key information is clearly explained and common misconceptions are addressed. 

  • Each lesson contains a video outlining and explaining key concepts and ideas in a clear and easy to understand manner.
  • We provide all the content you need to pass your IGCSE or GCSE science exams.
  • Learners can track their progress with multiple choice exams at the end of every lesson.
  • Every lesson is accompanied by a printable summary sheet and printable worksheets and answers. These form a complete set of revision notes. 
  • Learners can complement their learning with safe and easy experiments that you can complete at home without the need for specialist equipment

Make Science Easy is run by Jonathan Polley. 
Jonathan has a degree in science from the University of Manchester and a teaching qualification from Keele University. 

He has been teaching science for 14 years and has taught in a range of schools, from inner-city schools in London to international schools in Valencia, Spain. 

He has an excellent track record and history of getting outstanding results out of students of all abilities and backgrounds. 

At Make Science Easy we understand that a one size fits all solution does not work. 

We offer you the flexibility to choose the sciences that you wish to learn as well as offering flexibility to the way you access Make Science Easy. 

One-off payments provide the best value for money and provide lifetime access to our courses*. However, some learners may only wish to access a small number of lessons or may only require access for a short time. Because of this we also offer recurring monthly payments that can be cancelled at any time. 

Once cancelled your access to the courses will be revoked at the end of the month’s access. However, your progress through the courses and test scores will not be removed. If you wish to re-subscribe all progress will be restored. 

Yes, all payments to Make Science Easy are completely safe. All of our pages use 128bit SSL encryption so payment data sent to us cannot be intercepted. 

All payments are directly handled by Paypal or Stripe (If paying by credit card). No financial information is shared with Make Science Easy at any time, nor is any financial information stored on our servers. 

When you register a small amount of personal data is stored. This enables your account. (You read our Privacy Policy for more information) 

At any point, you may contact us to request the deletion of all personal data stored on our servers. Doing so will also terminate your account. 

Absolutely, at any point in the first 7 days after your paid membership starts you may request that your membership is cancelled and we will offer a full refund. 
Please note that refunds will only be processed if you made less than 25% of course progress. 
Refunds will also only be made on the first monthly payment from an account. 

Make Science Eas also offers a free trial that allows you to sample a small proportion of our biology, chemistry and physics courses. 
Scientific Literacy courses will always be offered for free. 

If Make Science Easy closes. All lifetime members will be contacted in advance and all video lessons and printable material will be made available to download for no less than 90 days. 

We aim to have the physics course completed and available for users to access by December 2019.

At present we do not offer these courses. We are looking at offering them, but are unable to provide a timescale as to when they would be available. 

Make Science Easy does offer access to schools. Each student accessing Make Science Easy will need an individual account. However, we offer bulk discounts for schools and other educational institutions. 
Please Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements. 


If you have any other queries that are not answered in this FAQ please feel free to Contact Us